What is NES Portal?

NES Portal is one of our Continuity Systems and has been the prime place to book and pay for CPD events at NHS Education for Scotland since 2010. It also manages the recruitment of final year Dental and Hygiene Therapy students into Vocational Training posts and is currently where Dentists apply for and manage all aspects of their Quality Improvement activity.

Current Functionality

This includes:

  • Search, book and pay for CPD Events securely
  • Manage your bookings
  • Download Certificates
  • Event Management System
  • Make online GP214 Submissions
  • Apply for Dental QI
  • QI Management System
  • Apply to be a Vocational Dental or Therapy Trainer
  • Register to be a Dental or Therapy Vocational Trainee
  • Recruitment Management System
  • Recruitment Social Networking area
  • Access Vocational Training Scheme Programmes
  • Complete Dental Adviser Trainer Statements

Roadmap 2018/2019

Transition of Course Bookings to Turas Learn

  • Introduce a Payment Gateway to Turas Learn
  • Create a single event booking platform for the user
  • Transfer all historical records to Turas
  • Retire online course bookings from NES Portal

Single Authentication to Turas

  • Whilst and until all functionality is transferred into Turas or retired from NES Portal we shall introduce single authentication from the Turas Dashboard into NES Portal