What is Project Lift?

Project Lift is the overarching name that has been given to our fresh approach to identifying, supporting, enhancing and growing leadership talent at all levels in NHS Scotland. It is an integrated, system wide approach to talent management, leadership development, appraisal and values based recruitment aimed at transforming NHS Scotland services and improving the experience of patients, service users and employees. 

Whilst aspiring directors will be the focus of our first leadership development offering, staff with leadership capability and aspiration at any level can access the Talent Management App and complete the electronic self assessment questionnaire and receive a feedback report instantly.  Find out more here:  www.projectlift.scot/

Current Functionality

The Project Lift Talent Management App is the digital portal for talent management in NHS Scotland. It enables users to understand their leadership strengths and development needs via a structured self assessment questionnaire that is the basis for a possible career conversation and access to national leadership development offers.

Values Based Recruitment

Making the NHS Scotland Values a vital component of appointments to our services, as well as ongoing appraisal and personal development.

Talent Management

Using our Leadership Profile we are providing a mechanism to identify those within our services that show the greatest potential to develop into our leaders of the future.

Leadership Development

Offering a suite of multi-professional development opportunities to existing and potential leaders, including learning, mentoring, network support, stretch projects and leadership3, all tailored to individuals’ needs.

Executive Appraisal

Reviewing and supporting the current performance appraisal systems at senior and executive level, putting people at the centre of everything we do.