What is Turas 360 Tool?

This is a 360 feedback tool for those wishing to understand their leadership strengths and development needs based on the collective views of a range of participants. It has been developed to reflect the six leadership capabilities for health and care and supports our Leadership for Integration programmes and Project Lift.  The Turas 360 tool can be used by staff with leadership capability and aspiration at any level.

Current Functionality


Here you should carry out your own Self-Assessment against each of the six capabilities listed. Each leadership capability box contains a number of statements which describe what effective leadership behaviours and attributes look like in health and social care integration. You should consider each capability statement and decide to what extent you demonstrate the characteristics for each. You can use the box at the bottom of each page to expand on your reasons for your ratings if you wish. You can update the ratings you assign yourself in the Self-Assessment until the point where you generate your 360 report.


This section allows you to enter the details of the people you want to give you feedback – they will receive an email invite to carry out your assessment when you enter their details. You need to receive feedback from at least 4 respondents to generate your 360 report. You should select people who know you well in a work capacity, and it is advisable that you get their agreement before you enter their details and inform them what the process will involve.


When you have completed your self-assessment, and the people you invited to give you feedback have also completed the process, you will be able to view your feedback report. The report shows how you have assessed yourself against the six Leadership Capabilities, and combines this with the feedback you have received from others.

So that you get the most out of your 360 experience, a feedback coach will be assigned by your OD or Workforce Development lead, or Programme Manager if this is part of a development programme. The coach will be trained and has a high level of expertise to help you understand the report and the key feedback messages.

You can also consider the report on your own if you do not have access to a coach. The guidance document and workbook can help you to do this