What is Turas Appraisal?

Turas Appraisal is the application which supports appraisal and personal development planning discussions for Health and Care staff across Scotland.

Current Functionality

The purpose of Turas Appraisal is to support the aim of ensuring that all staff have a meaningful appraisal to help improve their performance and support the development of knowledge and skills with the ultimate aim of delivering better services.

Developed collaboratively with our partners, this intuitive application supports conversations which help staff to:

  • be clear about what is expected of them in their job
  • have regular feedback on how they are performing at work
  • show how they contribute to the team objectives and purpose
  • plan for any new learning that they need to gain new skills or improve their existing skills and agree their own personal development plan

Discussion Summary

Record a short summary from your personal development review discussion with your reviewer.

Includes a short video with some hints and tips about how to make your Personal Development Review discussion work for you.


Record your Objectives on Turas Appraisal. Your Objectives are clear statements that set out what you want to achieve at work.  Agree these with your Reviewer during your Personal Development Planning & Review discussion.


Plan the learning you will need to undertake in the year ahead.  Add your agreed Learning Needs and then the relevant Learning Activities that will help you meet them.

KSF Progress

View your KSF post outline and record your progress on each dimension.

You can also record any comments against each dimension to show how you have met each level.