What is Turas FNP?

FNP stands for the Family Nurse Partnership.  This is a programme for younger mothers, usually under the age of 20.  Family Nurses visit mothers at their home every fortnight from early in pregnancy until their first infant reaches the age of 2 years.  Based on robust research evidence from the USA, mums and their babies who are involved in FNP are more likely to achieve positive outcomes in life, enjoy better health and incomes and participate for longer in education.   FNP has been delivered in Scotland since 2010 and more than 2500 families have completed the programme with another 2500 active at any given time.  Family Nurses record a variety of data about their clients and use this to reflect on their own practice and the quality of delivery and to provide evidence of the outcomes achieved by clients.

Development of Turas FNP is currently in progress and is happening in parallel with migration of data from the legacy FNP system. It is anticipated that Turas FNP will launch towards the end of 2018.

Current Functionality


A suite of test reports has been developed using Microsoft’s Power BI platform.  These will allow users to view data that is relevant to them and gain strategic oversight.  Reports will be broken by area, client enrolment date, vulnerability factors and age group.

Summary screens

A significant ‘pain point’ of the legacy data system is that nurses do not have a way to gain an overview of their current caseload.  Nurses can now see the programme stage for each of their clients, details about their involvement in FNP and the number of days since each client was last visited.  This will allow nurses to prioritise visits to those clients with the greatest level of need.

Client transfers

FNP is now being delivered in most mainland Health Board Areas.  The population of younger mothers in Scotland is highly mobile and they frequently move residence across administrative boundaries.  Turas FNP will support consistency of care by allowing simple and easy transmission of records collected in one Health Board area to the client’s new Family Nurse in another area.

Data Forms

Turas FNP will support accurate and timely recording of client data through a highly usable interface.  Data validation will be applied to all appropriate fields and screentips will be provided where attempts to enter unusual or outlying values are made.

Roadmap 2018/2019

Data migration and anonymization of records for clients who have already completed or left the programmer.

Integration of Power BI into user interface

Further development of reports

Construction, testing and maintenance of a data cube to support reporting

User training

Initial provision of service desk support