What is Turas Learn?

The aim of Turas Learn is to create a single system that can host and track the range of learning materials that are produced/purchased by NES and its partners. For NES and its partners this will mean a single point of access for hosting and tracking learning that makes it simpler for content owners to create learning and make it available. For the learner, this should provide a single place to easily find health and social care learning they need to do, helping them discover useful learning they weren’t already aware of and keep track of what they have completed.

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Current Functionality

SCORM eLearning Player

Learn has a built in SCORM player that supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 eLearning modules. Registered users performance is tracked.

Website functionality

Admins can create “Learning sites” within Learn which have internal navigation and can include embedded videos, images and text. There are special widgets for embedding lists of resources such as documents, weblinks and eLearning

Access permissions

The range of resources on Learn can be restricted to smaller audience groups based on information known about the user e.g. restrict to NHS Education for Scotland staff.

Learning programmes

A series of eLearning modules and sign off tasks can be grouped into a Learning programme.

Course booking

Course booking functionality allows users to book onto face-to-face training sessions and admin functionality allows administrators to manage bookings and attendance recording.


Learn offers a range of reporting including eLearning completion, eLearning feedback, learning programme completion.

Roadmap 2018/2019

Expand LMS functionality to allow NHS Boards to use Learn as their LMS

Provide LMS functionality for NHS Boards. Turas Learn was developed to support content created by NES, The Turas team are currently working with NHS Grampian and NHS 24 to support LMS requirements they have that go beyond current functionality.

On board NHS Grampian and NHS 24

  • Migrate Content
  • Migrate Users
  • Migrate learning history from NHS Grampian into Learn

Expand course booking to NES content owners with an existing Learn presence

Move NES LearnPro content to Learn

  • Migrate NES owned content from Learn Pro to Turas Learn
  • Import learning history related to NES modules into Learn

Provide Boards with data on what their staff has completed on Learn so they ensure their staff have met organisational learning requirements.

  • Send learning completion data to e:ESS
  • Make reports available to Boards that allow appropriate board staff to see their staff