What is Turas People?

Turas People is an application that will interface between existing systems (e.g. Turas TPM, e:ESS) to enable employment and trainee information to be easily shared between lead employers, placement Boards and DDiTs (doctors and dentists in training):

  • Trainees can seamlessly access, update and provide employment and training information, regardless of where they are or the device they are using.
  • Boards are able to access, update and provide information on trainees on placement and/ or employed by their Board.
  • Boards can extract information from Turas People to feed their internal systems (payroll, IT, induction, rotas).

Reduced duplication of effort by trainees and administrators in repeated onboarding and employment related administration will result in cost and time savings across NHS Scotland. It is anticipated that by improving the working lives of junior doctors and dentists in Scotland we can add value by improving the attraction and retention of this workforce.

Current Functionality

The aim of Turas People is to support implementation of the lead employer arrangements across Scotland, enabling information to be easily shared across systems and users via the Turas platform, thus reducing duplication and improving user experience.

Trainee landing page

From here trainees can access placement information, track pre-employment checks, submit documentation, upload documentation, access a filing cabinet, generate documents, receive alerts, access useful information and link to other applications.

Access list of trainees on placement

Placement Boards can view lists of trainees of trainees currently on placement in the Board or coming to the Board in the next 6 months and can access individual trainee records.

Join up systems

Data extracts are shared with payroll teams and occupational health departments to enable them to support the lead employer model.

Access list of employees

Employing Boards can view lists of trainees employed by the Board and can access individual trainee records.

Support lead employer model

Board users can progress pre-employment checks, issue documentation, authorise payroll datasets, receive alerts, access information on less than full time trainees, monitor absence, track completion of statutory and mandatory training.

Roadmap 2018/2019

Track employee relations activity

Provide functionality to enable Board users to track and record employee relations activity.


Provide reporting functionality so that Board users can report on their trainee workforce as required.


Full integration with eESS so that trainees can be paid through the epayroll interface and so that all staff groups are held on the same system across NHS Scotland.