What is Turas TPM?

The aim of Turas TPM is to create a single Training Management system that holds information on NHS Trainees, Trainers and Programmes.  This is a single point of access which shows trainee progress through their Training Programmes.  It also holds details on trainers delivering training within NHS Scotland and the Training Programmes being delivered.

Current Functionality

Study Leave

Medical and Dental Trainees can submit study leave applications to allow Programme Directors to access these and confirm approval.

Shows Trainee Progress through Training Programme

Those with relevant access can view details of the trainees past, current and future placements.  They can also access how a trainee is progressing through their Training Programme.

Update Personal Details

Trainees can access the system in order to ensure that their personal details are correct and update when necessary.


Standard reporting on trainees is available.

Roadmap 2018/19

Improvement of Study Leave functionality.

Re-design of Trainer Page to meet needs of all Directorates and changes to Recognition of Trainer process.