What is Turas Training Portfolio?

The aim of Turas Training Portfolio is to create a system that allows trainees to record evidence gathered throughout their training so that this can be reviewed at the relevant intervals to ensure satisfactory progression and highlight areas of concern so that these can be addressed. 

Current Functionality

Recording Evidence

Trainees have access to the relevant forms so that they can record the necessary evidence, they can then link this evidence to their curriculum to map progress.

Trainee Reviews

Panels can access evidence and record review outcomes.

Confirmation of Completion

Once the relevant outcomes have been awarded Certificates of Completion can be accessed.

Linkages with other Turas Products

Learning completed on Turas Learn is automatically shown on the trainees record so that this can be monitored.

Roadmap 2018/19

Further trainee types to be given access.

Review of some pages in order to improve performance of pages.

Further integration with Turas Learn via Course Booking